Ubiquitous (/juːˈbɪkwɪtəs/) : adjective.
Having or seeming to have the ability to be everywhere at once; omnipresent. 

Although very tempting, the quality of being ubiquitous falls within the category of superpowers most of us wish we had. But as diehard super hero fans, we’re actually trying to get you closer to ubiquity. Much much closer. Why? Your time is precious. Your life is full. You constantly need to make decisions. So, at St Barth Executive, we’ve decided there’s one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about, it’s the way you travel. Your way. We offer you the highest level of safety, achieved by only a small fraction of the charter and management industry, in our latest generation aircrafts.

As the saying goes, the straight line is the shortest distance between two points. In the frenetic pace of modern time, choose simplicity and efficiency, choose your airline: St Barth Executive.


St Barth Executive is a french unscheduled on-demand (taxi, air ambulance) air carrier under European Commission Regulation. St Barth Executive complies with all French & European requirements of air operator certificate n°AOC.FRA.0129.
Continuing Airworthiness Organization :
EASA Part M n° FR.MG.0173
Maintenance Organization Approvals :
EASA Part 145 n° FR.145.0701


St Barth Executive believes some recipes simply don’t need to be changed, like combining excellence and expertise. On top of the latest and most demanding qualifications, our staff takes pride in years and years of thorough critical experience.


St Barth Executive offers solutions for you or your clients to arrange the finest travel experiences and organize effortless transfers throughout the Caribbean islands. Let us show you that traveling can be fun and relaxing!

Empty legs for sale

If you want to book any of these empty leg, please contact us on booking@stbarthexecutive.com.
You can also call us : +590) 590 873 044 or (+590) 690 084 769.

Sorry, there is currently no empty leg for sale.